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Care Programs & Services Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Care Programs and Services

CAMH provides high quality, client-centred care to meet the diverse needs of people facing addiction and mental health challenges at different stages of their lives and illnesses-- from children to adults to seniors. Clinical services include assessment, brief interventions, inpatient/ residential programs, day hospital services, continuing care, outpatient/ambulatory services, and family support. 

If you have a question about CAMH’s treatment programs call ACCESS CAMH at (416) 535-8501 press 2 or 1 800 463-2338​ (toll free) Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m


Clinical care programs at CAMH:


CAMH now has a four-program clinical structure.  Created around care pathways based on the clinical and social needs of our clients-– rather than on their diagnosis-- our structure reflects the acuity and complexity of the patient’s clinical needs. 


This clinical structure was created to improve access into care and transitions back into the community for our clients, and to better integrate mental illness and addiction treatment. 


Access & Transitions Program:  Consolidates entry points into CAMH, aligning the Emergency Department along with crisis clinic entry points to reduce delays in accessing services. Also addresses patient flow to benefit the clients of all programs. The result -- a CAMH that’s more transparent, understandable and accountable to all our stakeholders.


Complex Mental Illness Program: Services specializing in clients with serious and persistent mental illness, including Schizophrenia and Forensics, are under common leadership with those units for clients needing highly acute care and rehabilitation.


Ambulatory and Structured Treatments Program: Provides care for clients whose treatments are largely delivered on an outpatient or a scheduled basis such as in Addictions, Mood and Anxiety, and Women’s services, including structured treatments such as our 28-day programs or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).


Underserved Populations Program: Serves smaller, strategic populations and develops partnerships and initiatives for children and youth, seniors and people with dual diagnosis (i.e. both a developmental delay and mental health problem).


Clinical Leadership Team: Our leadership structure provides focused roles and accountability for clinical care while supporting opportunities for research, learning, and teaching.​​​​


 Conditions we treat

CAMH Switchboard 416-535-8501
CAMH General Information Toronto: 416-595-6111 Toll Free: 1-800-463-6273
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