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Provincial System Support Program Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Provincial System Support Program

​​Ontarians access mental health and addictions help from many different services, across many different sectors. That means a coordinated approach to support people affected by mental health and addictions issues as they move through systems is vital to ensure the best possible outcomes.
PSSP works together with partners across the province to move evidence to action in support of Ontario’s Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. Through our five core functions, we are transforming mental health and addictions systems in Ontario.

We connect people and evidence 

The Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) is a province-wide knowledge exchange network. We connect mental health and addictions system stakeholders with each other and with relevant, actionable evidence to inform decision-making.

EENet does this through a variety of mechanisms, including Communities of Interest that co-create and share evidence, and EENetConnect, an online forum that engages over 5,000 stakeholders. In addition, EENet provides knowledge exchange support to large-scale initiatives like Systems Improvement through Service Collaboratives.
We focus on diverse content areas, including mental health promotion, substance misuse prevention, and issues related to opioid misuse. We also support networks such as the Early Psychosis Intervention Ontario Network.

We help communities put solutions in place 
We have learned how to put evidence into practice in a consistent, sustainable, and effective way. Using best practices in implementation, our teams help communities to use evidence and adapt it to improve the system of care for individuals and families with mental health and addictions needs.

Through our implementation work, we have helped communities to improve transitions between youth and adult services, effectively screen for and assess addictions issues, and identify and refer justice-involved youth to appropriate supports. 

To see more examples of our implementation work, please explore​ and our Drug Treatment Funding Program implementation projects: SS&A and OPOC.

We engage diverse voices, perspectives, and populations
Meaningful engagement leads to meaningful change. We work to access and integrate the expertise of lived experience and the voices, priorities, and perspectives of minority, marginalized, and vulnerable populations. The use of evidence, data, and validated tools also ensures health equity is a primary driver of our system change work.
Teams such as Aboriginal Engagement and Outreach work on the ground across the province, connecting with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities and services providers.

We help agencies with information management
Using quality and timely data can inform decisions to improve lives. We develop and maintain a comprehensive, province-wide electronic health records management system, the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Information System​. This enhances understanding of substance misuse and problem gambling treatment.

We evaluate and help partners build evaluation capacity
​​Performance measurement and evaluation research is fundamental to our work. We use results to inform local, regional, and provincial mental health and addictions initiatives. A priority of ours is to build capacity among our partners and coach them to use best practice data and evaluation methods. By increasing capacity, we are helping to create stronger and more evidence-informed mental health and addictions systems.

Where we are
The Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) at CAMH has a central office in Toronto and regional offices located throughout Ontario. Our regional implementation teams work closely with local communities and key partners to create and sustain system improvements. 
Our regional teams have capacity in implementation, coaching, health equity, priority population engagement, knowledge exchange, and evaluation. We guide and facilitate system change by bringing stakeholders together, supporting consensus-building, developing implementation plans, and shaping solutions to meet the needs of communities.

Map of PSSP Offices
North West Region 
1. Kenora: (807) 468- 1429 
2. Thunder Bay: (807) 626-9145 

North East Region 
3. Sudbury: Toll-free 1-888-880-7063 or (705) 675-1195 
4. Penetanguishene: (705) 549-9921 

West Region 
5. London: Toll-free (888) 495-2261 or (519) 858-5110 
6. Hamilton:
Toll-free (888) 857-2876 or (905) 525-1250 

East Region 
7. Ottawa Toll-free (888) 441-2892 or (613) 569-6024 
8. Kingston: Toll-free (888) 287-4439 or (613) 546-4266 

GTA Region 
9. Toronto: (416) 535-8501 Ext. 30335 

PSSP Central Office 
10. Toronto: (416) 535-8501

Clinical services are not available from CAMH Regional Offices. Please contact ConnexOntario for information about alcohol and drug, gambling and mental health services in your area.


CAMH Switchboard 416-535-8501
CAMH General Information Toronto: 416-595-6111 Toll Free: 1-800-463-6273
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1001 Queen St. W
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Toronto, ON
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Ten offices across Ontario