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Office of Transformative Global Health Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Office of Transformative Global Health

International Health Programs, otherwise referred to as the Office of Transformative Global Health, aims to jointly develop, implement, and sustain collaborative programs for health professionals, and allied professionals, in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa; with a primary focus on capacity building, continuing professional clinical and health promotion education/training programs. The objective is to strengthen the capacity of partners in the developing world to provide improved care and more effectively evaluate clinical and health promotion outcomes of mental health and addictions interventions.

The program also organizes exchange programs and study visits for health professionals from a variety of disciplines and plans for academic outcomes of all international health initiatives through in-depth evaluation as well as support for local evaluative research, academic debate, publication and dissemination. The Office of Transformative Global Health also provides available technical expertise in response to requests from international bodies (especially PAHO) and national institutions.

The ACTION program allows between 20-25 international medical graduates to secure observerships at CAMH each year. These provide a window on Canadian clinical practices for foreign trained physicians seeking entry into medicine in Ontario. Each year, the partners of the various initiatives abroad are also invited to CAMH to share their local challenges, expertise and innovation with staff and stakeholders of CAMH. The director also teaches 2 graduate courses on international health, within public health sciences, as an academic component of the work.

Contact: 416-535-8501 ext. 6090

Location: Rm. 4082, Russell Street site

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