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Exciting Announcement: New CAMH.CA website is launching late April 2018

CAMH Stories Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Walk the Mock: CAMH uses mock space to test design vision

CAMH is creating the design vision for the mental health hospital of the future.

The mock space lab is where we test our vision for the next generation of spaces that will transform lives for our clients.

Tour the CAMH mock space, and meet the planners, architects, clinicians and clients who will turn our design vision into reality.

The CAMH redevelopment team is consulting with hundreds of stakeholders including clinicians and clients to create a healing environment. The new spaces will maximize client choice and control, and ensure a safe and well CAMH for clients and staff.

Phase 1C represents the largest phase of CAMH’s redevelopment to date -- 235 inpatient beds are planned as part of two new buildings for acute and complex care. When the design of an inpatient bedroom is being replicated more than 200 times, it’s critical that we get it right! Occupancy is planned for early 2020.

“The end state of our redevelopment is a city-integrated site,” CAMH Redevelopment Project Director Jennifer Clarke says. A hospital site once hidden behind high walls “is blending into the fabric of our community and helping to destigmatize mental illness.

CAMH’s clinical care, education, research and other functions will be integrated with public elements such as courtyards, a library, auditorium and green spaces.

So join us: watch the video above to Walk the Mock and learn more about CAMH’s user experience approach and design vision.

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