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Exciting Announcement: New CAMH.CA website is launching late April 2018

CAMH Stories Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Connect With CAMH on the Go

CAMH goes mobile with a new site targeted to people on the go. In response to the growth of smart phones, a mobile site was created to give the public easy-to-access information about CAMH right in the palm of their hands.

“The main CAMH website was really created for the desktop with a lot of information and drop down menus that are not really easy to access when you’re on a mobile device with a small screen,” explains Robin Rowe, Director, Public Affairs.

CAMH mobile site

Many of our clients don’t have access to a desktop or a tablet. They may only have very basic cell phones that make using the main website difficult on their devices. That’s when the idea for a mobile site was born.

“The mobile site is a pared-down version of our website that is easy to navigate and provides the main things people look for – phone number, address, a map and basic information about services offered here,” says Robin.

“We needed to develop a site that allows people to get information quickly,” says Rino La Grassa, Senior Manager, Information Technology of Corporate Applications and Web Portals. “It can be frustrating for users if their device takes a long time to display information so we wanted to focus on simplicity and making it easy to navigate while showcasing our key information.”

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