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CAMH Queen Street Redevelopment Project Construction Update: Tree Protection and Removal

​CAMH is beginning construction of two long-awaited new hospital buildings featuring 235 much needed hospital beds for patients‎ with complex and acute mental illness. Our current patient facilities are not adequate.

In order to start construction, beginning October 30 we will be removing the trees from the sites of the two new buildings along Queen Street to accommodate the new buildings. The trailer pop-up gallery and the purple doors sign/selfie station are also being removed for the same reason.

Only those trees that need to be removed because of construction, tree health or soil quality purposes are being removed.

Many mature, healthy trees are being preserved and protected during construction as part of CAMH’s tree preservation plan.

Before our redevelopment started, CAMH conducted a complete site tree inventory. A certified arborist has been integral to the planning of trees and tree removal on our site. CAMH is committed to a green Redevelopment Project up to LEED Gold environmental standards. We recognize the value of nature to mental health and our architects have designed buildings that provide our patients with views of nature from every patient bedroom.

CAMH is greatly enhancing its remaining green spaces with additional trees, a water feature and other improvements to Shaw Park. Three new trees will be planted to every one taken down. We are repurposing wood from trees being taken down to be used as features in the new buildings.

While it’s never ideal to have to remove trees, the reality is we badly need the space for two new hospital buildings for people with acute and chronic mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia. This is the most significant phase of CAMH’s Queen Street Redevelopment Project to date.

"This is the next step in our transformation of care for people with mental illness. Our new buildings will be designed as respectful and dignified spaces that promote healing and recovery. They will support our academic mission as we work to advance mental health locally and globally, today and in the future. This phase of our redevelopment will contribute to the vitality of our community and advance the positive changes we are seeing in social attitudes toward mental health." --CAMH’s CEO Dr. Catherine Zahn

Learn more about this phase of CAMH’s Redevelopment Project, or view our construction schedule.

Published on October 27, 2017

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