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CAMH in the Headlines Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

CAMH in the Headlines

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) regularly provides expert information on addictions and mental health treatment, research, education and advocacy to the public through the media. Here are some recent samples of CAMH coverage. Click on the headlines below to read the full stories (external links):

SAD no longer: Brilliant light cure for seasonal disorder
February 23, 2015
CBC News (

Up to four per cent of Canadians, or as many as 140,000 people, are clinically depressed during the winter, says Dr. Robert Levitan..Read more


Study finds link between depression, brain inflammation
January 28, 2015
CTV News (

Researchers from CAMH in Toronto compared the brain scans of 20 patients with clinical depression to the brains..Read more

How open are Canadians about mental health in the workplace?
January 27, 2015
Global News (

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, which revealed the poll results, says that employees are worried about potential stigma..Read more

Smokers nicotine metabolism type could predict best way to quit
January 12, 2015
CBC News (

(CP) It seems not all smokers are created equal when it comes to how their bodies handle nicotine, and that could have big implications for anyone trying to kick the tobacco habit for good, researchers say. Read more

Voodoo priests,doctors on frontline of Haiti's mental healthcare
January 9, 2015
Reuters (UK)

In Haiti, a key way to improve mental healthcare is to work with religious leaders from Catholic, Protestant and voodoo faiths, says the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. Read more

Ontario’s new onlinegambling website carries risks, says addiction centre
January 8, 2015
Toronto Star

Ontario’s new-government run online gaming site launched Thursday will be both a success and a failure, a Centre for Addiction and Mental Health spokesperson says. Read more



Yoga program dedicated to supporting people living with mental illness
December 29, 2014
CTV News (


​(CP) As a yoga devotee and founder of her own studio, Linda Malone is sharing her passion for the practice through a special program dedicated to helping people living with mental illness. Read more



December 4, 2014


More Ontarians are reporting mental anguish and almost a quarter million have considered killing themselves in the past 12 months, according to a report from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Read more

New insights into homeless newcomer youth 
November 26, 2014
NOW Toronto

Kwame McKenzieA new report is one of the first looking specifically at newcomer youth homelessness in Canada. Until now, there is relatively little known about young new Canadians who find themselves without stable shelter.​
Read more

Providing safe haven for mental health emergencies
November 21, 2014

To hear staff tell it, the emergency department of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health was a dark and dingy place before renovation work began in April, 2013. Read more

Brain stimulation therapy can help depression when medications fail
November 18, 2014
CTV News

TORONTO -- Doctors are increasingly turning to brain stimulation therapy, a non-invasive procedure that uses electromagnetic energy, to treat severe depression that doesn't respond..Read more

Legalization is the best approach to cannabis control
October 20, 2014
Ottawa Citizen

Op-Ed by CAMH President and CEO Dr. Catherine Zahn.
Read more

Killer heroin and the rise of Fentanyl abuse
October 16, 2014
Day 6, CBC Radio (

CBC Day Six speaks with CAMH’s Dr. Peter Selby about the prevalence and dangers of this drug that has caused over 30 overdoses at Vancouver’s Insite safe injection site in just two days. Read more

Marijuana should be legalized and regulated: CAMH
October 9, 2014 (CP)

In a policy statement released Thursday, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto said cannabis should be sold through a government-controlled monopoly..
Read more 

CAMH call for marijuana legalization evokes resounding agreement
October 9, 2014

The largest addiction and treatment centre in Canada is calling for the legalization of marijuana with controls..Read more ​

Magnotta trial: Not criminally responsible myths, debunked​
September 30, 2014

Sandy Simpson is chief of forensic psychiatry at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. He emphasized he can’t address the Magnotta case..Read more

24% of formerly homeless youth end up back on the streets within a year
September 30, 2014

Roughly a quarter of homeless youth who manage to get off the streets end up returning to homelessness within a year. Sean Kidd, a co-author of the report and a clinical psychologist with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health..Read more

CAMH loses one of its leading lights​
September 27, 2014
Toronto Star

Diana Capponi recruited survivors to work at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, believing passionately that work was medicine..Read more

Video: Dr. Catherine Zahn on how to prevent suicide
September 10, 2014 (Toronto Star)

CAMH President and CEO Dr. Catherine Zahn believes that acting on what has already been learned about suicide prevention is more important than building a new suicide prevention strategy..View video​

The bottom-line on e-cigarettes. Are they safe?
September 2014
Best Health Magazine

Dr. Peter Selby, chief of the addictions division at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto says, “We’ve known for decades that smokers smoke..Read more

Province to reintroduce bill with $1,000 fine for texting while driving​​
August 26, 2014

A recent Centre for Addiction and Mental Health survey found that more than one-third of licensed Ontario students in Grades 10 to 12..Read more

Can Robin Williams's death change how we talk about suicide?
August 14, 2014

Dr. Peter Selby, chief of the addictions program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, says, disparaging comments about people who have died of suicide..Read more

Access to mental health care doesn't hinge on more psychiatrists: study
July 14, 2014
CTV News (CP)

Despite a long-held belief that there are too few psychiatrists to care for patients in need, an Ontario study suggests it's the way the specialists practise -- not their number -- that contributes to difficulties accessing mental health services. Read more

Steps should be taken to curb dangerous texting by teen drivers: Editorial
July 14, 2014
Toronto Star

Data from a massive Centre for Addiction and Mental Health survey shows an alarming number of Ontario teenagers are texting while driving, warranting government action. Read more

New app helps track drinking problems
July 11, 2014
Toronto Sun

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has developed a way for people to identify problematic drinking habits on their smartphone. Read more

Incidents of schoolyard bullying drop in Ontario
July 9, 2014
The Globe and Mail

Schoolyard bullying in Ontario is on the decline, according to a new survey that shows interventions and increased attention are forcing kids to speak up. But at the same time, the percentage of students who are being bullied over the Internet has not significantly changed since the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health first started tracking cyberbullying in 2011.Read more

Teenage texting while driving rampant; 46% of Grade 12 drivers
July 9, 2014
National Post (CP)

An alarming proportion of Ontario teenagers admit that they have texted while behind the wheel of a vehicle, says a survey of Grade 7 to 12 students in the province conducted for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.Read more

Opioid use increases after oxycodone crackdown

July 8,2014
The Globe and Mail

Canadian prescriptions for alternatives to the painkiller oxycodone have risen significantly in the past five years, suggesting a crackdown on oxy has pushed addicts and legitimate patients alike toward opioids without the tamper-proof properties Health Canada wants to make mandatory.​ Read more

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health fashion show celebrates resilience and recovery

June 1, 2014
Parkdale Villager

Bronwyn Sims was among 35 individuals at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) who took to the stage at this year’s “Suits Me Fine” fashion show,​ Read more​

Rising youth homelessness a crisis we mustn't ignore
May 12, 2014
Toronto Star

This opinion piece was written and submitted by Dr. Sean Kidd, Head of the Psychology Service of CAMH Schizophrenia Services and Assistant Professor with the University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry.
Read more​

Alcohol use on the decline among teenagers
May 1, 2014
Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — Robert Mann, a researcher in the public health and regulatory policy section of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, says drinking among teens has significantly decreased since the 1970s. read more​

What you don’t want to know: drinking too much can give you cancer​
April 30, 2014
Toronto Star

​​​‘We need more awareness in the population that alcohol is a carcinogen,’ CAMH scientist says. read more

Teens who suffer a concussion more likely to attempt suicide: study​
April 15, 2014
CTV News (CP)

Teenagers who have suffered a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion have a significantly higher risk of attempting suicide, being bullied and seeking help for mental health issues from crisis help lines, a study has found. The study was conducted using data from the 2011 Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. read more

Canadians' mental-health info routinely shared with FBI, U.S. custom
April 14, 2014
CBC News

Ontario’s privacy commissioner has discovered that the mental-health information of some Canadians is accessible to the FBI and U.S. Customs and Border more

If He's Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It's Not Because He's Drunk
March 3, 2014

Young women are often the targets of aggression when they're out in bars, but the problem isn't that guys are too drunk to know better. Instead, men are preying on women who have had too much to drink. read more


By Dr. Sandy Simpson, CAMH Chief of Forensic Psychiatry

Bill C-14, the Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act, is now before the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. In his testimony to the committee on February 27, Justice Minister Peter McKay repeated the oft-used statement that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour. read more

Better care sought for mentally ill inmates
February 17, 2014
Toronto Star

The Toronto South Detention Centre, which officially opened last month in Mimico, replaces the crumbling Don jail and the Toronto West Detention Centre,....“What we’re going to add . . . is a much more comprehensive screening or triage process of people coming in,” said Dr. Sandy Simpson, CAMH’s chief of forensic psychiatry. read more​

Ontario unveils $60-million project to help mentally ill
January 28, 2014
The Globe and Mail

On a day when Canadians across the country texted and tweeted to support mental health, the Ontario government unveiled a $60-million project to help the mentally ill when they fall physically more​

Non-Smoking Week offers support for those looking to quit for good​
January 20, 2014
CTV News

For smokers who made a New Year's resolution to butt out for good but somehow saw that Jan. 1 deadline come and go, this week -- National Non-Smoking Week and its Weedless Wednesday -- offers an encouraging reminder that it's never too late to quit. read more​

Faces of Pot: The psychiatrist
January 16, 2014
Toronto Star

When a patient checks into the youth psychosis prevention clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Dr. Romina Mizrahi asks a series of standard questions. One is: “Do you smoke marijuana?” read more​

More Ontario students drive after using marijuana than after drinking: study
December 11, 2013
CTV News

More Ontario high school students report driving after using marijuana than after having a few drinks, according to a province-wide study tracking substance use among students. read more​

Family doctors can catch PTSD by screening high-risk patients: psychiatrist
December 19, 2013
CTV News (CP)

Family doctors can play a key role in initially screening patients, such as those in the military, at high risk for post-traumatic stress disorder, an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests.​ read more​

Understanding PTSD: A look at the condition, how to treat it
December 6, 2013
CTV News

Dr. Katy Kamkar, a clinical psychologist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Torontosays the symptoms can be broken into three categories: read more​

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