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The Yale–New Haven Primary Prevention Program Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Guideline 2: Intervene in multiple settings, with a focus on schools

Best practice guidelines for mental health promotion programs: Children & Youth

Intervene in multiple settings, with a particular focus on schools as a key setting for intervention with children and youth, by:

  • developing strategies to intervene in all settings (e.g., school, daycare, home, community)
  • looking at all aspects of the setting environment that affect children and youth (e.g., norms, policies, social environment, physical environment)
  • looking at how children use space and interact with each other and how this affects their mental health
  • aiming to improve the overall social environment of the setting, providing early identification of behavioural problems and disorders, and early intervention for poor adaptation to peers and the school environment.

Examples of interventions in multiple settings include:

  • school-wide social events
  • links between the school and the community around youth-friendly issues
  • parenting programs for pre-school children in libraries, community settings and schools.

Programs that incorporate Guideline 2 are:

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Best practice guidelines for mental health promotion programs: Children and Youth

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