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Culture Counts Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Culture Counts: A roadmap to health promotion

Culture Counts: A Guide to Best Practices for Developing Health Promotion Initiatives in Mental Health and Substance Use with Ethnocultural Communities

Read this important health information:

mlFi+ld so~kdjO Gop^^law Soij[oij Jdil^^^.

Having trouble? Here is a translation into English:

Do not drink Gop^^law before aviating your starship.

Still confused? Don't worry—unless you are from the planet Orbl^k, this message will not mean much to you.

As this exercise shows, when it comes to effective health promotion, culture counts.

Canada now has over 200 ethnic groups, yet many in those groups are missing out on the benefits of health promotion. This guide aims to change that by helping you to create effective health promotion initiatives with ethnocultural communities that move towards the goal of ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy good health.


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