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Educating Students about Drug Use and Mental Health - Grade 1 to 8: Additional Resources - Campaigns

(Please Note: Campaigns often have materials in French)

National Addictions Awareness Week, annually, third week of November. Each province has an awareness campaign. Call Ontario Drug Awareness Partnership, 1-866-202-2146 for names of provincial bodies outside Ontario.

National Non-Smoking Week, annually, third week in January. Again each province has groups which co-ordinate campaigns. In Ontario, call the Ontario Tobacco-Free Network (OTN) at 1-866-922-2238.

World No-Tobacco Day, May 31 annually. In Ontario, call the Ontario Tobacco-Free Network (OTN) at 1-866-922-2238.

Drug Awareness Week, (Ontario), annually, third Week of November. Many Drug Awareness Committees across the province have planned activities. Call Ontario Drug Awareness Partnership (ODAP) at 1-866-202-2146 for the committee nearest you or e-mail

"Arrive Alive" campaign, annually, usually in the summer, beginning with the first long weekend of the year. In Ontario, contact is OCCID (Ontario Community Councils Against Impaired Driving) at 416-485-4411 or e-mail

National Students Against Impaired Driving Day, Co-ordinated through BACCHUS, the Alcohol Education Group, Web site e-mail

AIDS Awareness Week, annually, usually in late September or early October.
World AIDS Day, Annually, early December. Co-ordinated through local AIDS Committees or Public Health.

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