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Spiritual Care Practitioners

​Spiritual Care Services is a CAMH wide program which services all of the inpatient programs.  Spiritual Care Services work with clients to assist them in understanding and building their own self-awareness, assisting them to understand their own belief system and ultimately helping them to find a sense of meaning in their lives.

What spiritual care placements are available in your discipline?

Spiritual Care Services are in the process of becoming accredited to offer both basic and advanced Clinical Pastoral Education Units.

Am I able to do a block placement?

A single CPE unit runs about 12 weeks and is full-time.

Am I able to do my placement hours in the evenings/weekends because I work?


Am I able to split my placement between 2 programs (i.e., Addictions Program and MAUI)?


What qualifications are required for placement in the spiritual care discipline?

For a basic unit you are required to have an undergraduate degree. For an advanced unit you are required to have at one year of a Master’s degree completed.

Is CAMH affiliated with my educational institution?

At present we are affiliated with the Toronto School of Theology, the University of Toronto and the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care. Students must register through the Toronto School of Theology.

I’m not from Canada. Can I still do a spiritual care placement at CAMH?

If you have a International Student Visa and are registered with the Toronto School of Theology than you can do a placement at CAMH.

How are placements organized?

Placements are organized based on the learning needs of the students.

How do I apply for a spiritual care placement at CAMH?

The website has a listing of all placements in the Toronto area. You may apply directly through that website.

What mandatory trainings are required prior to placement?

Students must participate in the four day clinical and non-clinical orientation.

Do I require any immunizations before coming to CAMH?

Yes all students are required to demonstrate that they

Will I require a police check?

Only if you will be working with the Child and Youth Program.

Contact information

Contact Shawn Lucas at 416 535-8501 ext. 32175 or via email at


 Contact information


​Shawn Lucas
416 535-8501, ext. 32175



The staff at CAMH was amazing and made me feel like a valued member of the team. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CAMH and most importantly, I have developed a greater understanding and compassion for working with patients living with mental illness and/or substance abuse.
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