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Social Work

Social Workers are integral members of all clinical interdisciplinary teams at CAMH.  They are employed in management leadership capacities, in education and training, in policy development and dissemination, as well as research.  There are approximately 200 social workers at CAMH. There are many CAMH-wide clinical priority areas that social workers contribute to along with client-centered care. These include diversity, patient/staff safety, reducing stigma, concurrent disorders capacity building and providing ways to include families into the system.  Social workers perform a range of roles, depending upon the programs and teams on which they work.

What social work placements are available in your discipline?

The social work discipline offers placements in all the programs at CAMH.

Am I able to do a block placement?

Our placements are usually from September to May, 3 days per week. A block placement may be possible if there is a field instructor to supervise it.

Am I able to do my placement hours in the evenings/weekends because I work?

Currently, this is not an option.

Am I able to split my placement between 2 programs (i.e., Addictions Program and MAUI)?

This is a possibility if there are 2 Field instructors willing to offer a split placement.

What qualifications are required for placement in the social work discipline?

All of our social work placements are reserved for university level BSW and MSW students.

Is CAMH affiliated with my educational institution?

In order for a social work student to do a placement at CAMH an affiliation agreement must be signed and in place prior to student’s commencement.

I’m not from Canada.  Can I still do a social work placement at CAMH?


How are placements organized?

All our placements are organized through the Educational Coordinator assigned to the programs.  Then the Educational Coordinator works with the Practicum Placement Office of the affiliated University.

How do I apply for a social work placement at CAMH?

In order to arrange a placement, student must work through their Practicum Office of their affiliated university.

What mandatory trainings are required prior to placement?

Social Work students are given information to read about their clinical programs by the field instructor.

Do I require any immunizations before coming to CAMH?

All students are required to have a Mask Fit and 2 step TB.

Will I require a police check?

There are some programs that require a police check (e.g., LAMH, CYFP). The field instructor would be advising students of this requirement.

Contact information

Social Work has an active student education and training program. There are three educational coordinators at CAMH for the social work discipline:   Elizabeth Holmes, RSW , Evelyn Neilas RSW, and Jodi Wolff, RSW.  CAMH provides field placements for students from social work departments at the Masters level from the University of Toronto, York University, Wilfrid Laurier, Smith College in Boston, and Ryerson University among others. All of the educational coordinators work together with the Discipline Chief to provide student seminars and training throughout the academic year.​


 Contact information


​Elizabeth Holmes
416 535-8501, ext. 32465

Evelyn Neilas
416 535-8501, ext. 30443




The support I received through field instruction is what made this placement so successful. The opportunity to attend diverse learning seminars really added to my knowledge base and helped me feel more competent as a future social worker.
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