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CAMH Physiotherapy Clinic FAQs

Why is CAMH no longer providing physiotherapy services on site?

The practice of offering physiotherapy services at a specialty psychiatric hospital like CAMH had its origin many years ago, when a more custodial approach to the care of people with mental illness assumed their needs could not be met outside of a psychiatric hospital setting.  As a result, CAMH provided a range of services to our outpatients which also exist in the community.

Clinical thinking has changed. Current treatment models incorporate recovery principles of patient empowerment and community integration. We now understand that for our patients, accessing services in their own homes or community-- as part of that community-- is beneficial to their rehabilitation and recovery.  Therefore CAMH’s approach today is to support and encourage our patients to access services in the community whenever possible.

Physiotherapy services are available in the community and  outpatients should not need to return to a psychiatric hospital like CAMH to receive physiotherapy services when they can access these services in their local physiotherapy clinic or through the local CCAC.

How many patients used the physiotherapy services at CAMH?

Our physiotherapy services at CAMH were underutilized, with approximately 100 clients using the service. Nearly 90% of these clients were outpatients and would be able to receive treatment closer to home. Demand has not been sufficient to warrant onsite physiotherapy services for our inpatients; they will have their needs met through arrangements with other hospitals.

What will happen to the outpatients who are losing their CAMH outpatient physiotherapy services?

CAMH staff have worked on a transition plan for each one of our outpatient physiotherapy clients to transition to new physiotherapy services in the community. If any one of our clients has any difficulty securing physiotherapy services, their worker at CAMH will continue to help them. Inpatients will have their needs met through arrangements with other hospitals.

Would there be a cost to patients seeking services in the community?

Most of these patients receive benefits through ODSP or Ontario Works and would meet the criteria to have their physiotherapy covered through OHIP. Depending on their needs, they may also be eligible to secure services from their local CCAC.




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