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Behaviour Therapists

Behaviour Therapists work within an interdisciplinary team using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to change socially relevant behaviour. Behaviour Therapists use a variety of assessment techniques to determine why an individual engages in problem behaviour and investigate factors that may contribute to the behaviour. Positive based strategies are developed to teach relevant skills and decrease maladaptive behaviour. ABA is most widely used with individuals with autism and developmental disabilities but is also effective in treating individuals with mental illness.  
What behaviour therapy placements are available in your discipline?
Placement opportunities are available in the Dual Diagnosis Program and the Law & Mental Health Program.
BTs in the Dual Diagnosis Program work on the inpatient unit and two outpatient teams; one in Toronto and another in Peel. Within the outpatient program, there is also an opportunity to complete a placement with a community capacity development focus; this work is based on principles of organizational behaviour management.
Placements in the Law & Mental Health Program are available on an inpatient basis only.  
Am I able to do a block placement?

Yes.  Block placements are available.

Am I able to do my placement hours in the evenings/weekends because I work?

No. Placements occur from 9-5pm Monday to Friday, during the supervising BTs hours.

Am I able to split my placement between 2 programs (i.e., Addictions Program and MAUI)?

This is not currently an option but something that can be explored if there is interest from placement candidates.

What qualifications are required for placement in the behaviour therapy discipline?

Current enrollment in a diploma or degree program studying Applied Behaviour Analysis. Students in 3rd year, intensive or degree programs are given priority.

Is CAMH affiliated with my educational institution?

CAMH currently has affiliation agreements with:
  • George Brown College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Brock University

I’m not from Canada.  Can I still do a behaviour therapy placement at CAMH?

No. This is not currently an option.

How are placements organized?

  • Dual Diagnosis Program: placement coordinators at affiliated colleges may contact the Advance Practice Clinician.  
  • Law & Mental Health Program: placement coordinators at affiliated colleges may contact the Behaviour Therapist.

How do I apply for a behaviour therapy placement at CAMH?

Please contact the placement coordinator at your school. Students are discouraged from contacting BTs directly to inquire about placements.

What mandatory trainings are required prior to placement?

There are no mandatory trainings required prior to placement.

Do I require any immunizations before coming to CAMH?

Students must have proof of immunization status as well as documentation of TB testing prior to starting placement.

Will I require a police check?

Yes. A vulnerable person police check is required.

Contact Information

Wayne Harrison

Behaviour Therapist
Education Coordinator
Tel:  416-535-8501, Ext. 30744
Fax: 416--583-1375


Every professional on this unit was welcoming and willing to offer information when asked a question. They treated us with respect and like professionals. A fantastic overall experience.
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