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For Round 2, residents and service-user advisors will meet for 1 hour monthly for 6 months, on Thursdays from 10:45 to 11:45 am.  The dates of the meetings are as follows:
​July 31 ​group meeting: orientation
​August 21 ​first meeting of pairs
​September 18 ​second meeting of pairs
​October 23 ​group meeting: mid-point check-in
​November 13 ​third meeting of pairs
​December 4 ​group meeting: conclusions
The group meetings, which will include a combination of large and small group work, will give the participants a chance to hear a range of viewpoints and experiences and to reflect on their experiences working in pairs.
The other dates are for residents to meet 1-on-1 with their advisors to explore the learning objectives in greater depth.

Some examples of topics for enquiry include:
  • What does recovery mean?  How does it happen?  What are the critical ingredients?
  • Where are stigma and discrimination experienced?  What are their impact?
  • What is it like accessing and navigating the mental health and addiction systems?
  • What is it like talking to a new psychiatrist?
  • In what ways do mental health and addiction services achieve the goal of supporting recovery?  In what ways can they be improved?
  • Why do people sometimes choose not to take medications or use psychiatric services?
  • What is it like experiencing involuntary treatment or confinement?

Advisory pairs will normally meet at a neutral public space convenient to the CAMH QS site (where residents have a series of meetings on Thursdays before and after their meetings with advisors).  Meetings in residents’ offices are discouraged to avoid creating a doctor-patient dynamic.  Dyadic meetings that are missed should be rescheduled at a mutually convenient place and time.

Residents are encouraged to bring in material for discussion from their clinical work, but all personal health information MUST be de-identified.

A written exercise will be assigned at the October group meeting and will be reviewed in small groups at the December meeting.

We ask that all participants respect the trust of the other person in this relationship by holding in confidence that which is disclosed during advisory meetings.  Residents and advisors are free to choose what they wish to disclose about themselves.
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