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Safer Bars Program

In bars, aggression by some customers, followed by violence and injuries, often happens. Fueled by alcohol, some customers resort to threats, intimidation, fights, mischief, vandalism, property damage and driving while intoxicated. Safer Bars helps bar staff prevent these occurrences thereby keeping customers and others safer. The program includes a 3-hour training for bar staff on managing aggressive customers.
The purpose of the training is to increase bar staff’s ability to work as a team to reduce the risk of customers becoming aggressive, violent or injured. The training is conducted by a skilled, experienced trainer, and is 3 hours long. Each participant receives a workbook, the “Do you know the law?” booklet, and a certificate of completion. Up to 25 people can be trained at one time.
Training cost is $935 plus applicable taxes. It includes the trainer’s fee, 25 participant workbooks, 25 “Do you know the law?” booklets, 25 evaluation forms, and 25 certificates of completion. (Trainer’s travel and accommodation costs are not included.)
To organize a Safer Bars training, please call 1 800 661-1111 or 416 595-6059 in Toronto or email
This easy-to-read booklet describes the legal and legislative environment that bars in Ontario must comply with to avoid the legal and financial repercussions of not keeping customers safe and out of harm’s way. Specific liability cases illustrate the legal reality in which bars operate.
  • ISBN 978-0-88868-708-1 • booklet/guide
  • $6.25/package of 25 • published 2009 • product code P580
The first 100 copies are available for free in Ontario
Kathryn Graham
This easy-to-use workbook helps bar owners reduce the risk of aggression and violence in their bars. Using a checklist method, owners can identify and reduce the risk factors in their bars. Examples of risk factors are: the degree of crowding, the atmosphere and the way staff treat the customers. The checklist also contains a section for planning and monitoring changes in areas identified for improvement.
  • ISBN 978-0-88868-333-5 • 42 pages • booklet/guide
  • $12.95 • published 2009 • product code PG135
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