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Girls Talk Program: Facilitator’s Manual

Girls Talk Mission Statement
The Girls Talk Program provides a safe place for young women to connect with each other and to learn about depression and its contributing factors. Young women will develop self-awareness, coping strategies and critical thinking skills through artistic and recreational activities.
What is Girls Talk?
Girls Talk is an eight-session anti-stigma program for girls, generally between the ages of 13 and 16. The focus is on preventing depression and educating the girls about depression. The program is not intended for those who have been diagnosed with or are in treatment for depression. The Girls Talk program was created in response to an overwhelming need for adolescent girls to have a safe space to connect and share with one another.
Although the program is comprehensive, there is no single fit for all groups, so we encourage you to tailor the program to the needs of the girls in your group. Empower them to understand how Girls Talk can increase their resilience and coping skills. 
ISBN 978-1-77052-398-2 • 98 pages • paperback
$19.95 • Published 2009 • Product code PG137
Nous sommes très heureuses de pouvoir offrir le Guide de l’animatrice pour le programme Entre filles, à nos communautés francophones de l’Ontario et hors province.
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