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Acting Out: Understanding and Reducing Aggressive Behaviour in Children and Youth
A valuable tool for anyone who works or volunteers with children or youth to better understand and respond to their aggressive behaviour.

Growing Up Resilient: Ways to Build Resilience in Children and Youth
Resilience is a much-talked-about topic these days. The ability for children and youth to bounce back from today’s stresses is one of the best life skills they can develop. Growing Up Resilient is a must-read for adults who want to increase resilience in the children and youth in their lives. 
Supporting Aboriginal Learning: Reflections from the Voices of Youth (DVD)
This DVD was created to highlight the experiences of Aboriginal youth during the transition from elementary school to high school. 
What Parents Need to Know about Teen Risk Taking: Strategies for Reducing​ Problems Related to Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Internet Use
Addresses the challenges and risks that appear as your children move into adolescence. It suggests strategies for guiding your teens and maintaining good relationships with them as they move through this stage of development. Topics include: why teens experiment and take risks (and why some don’t), and when experimenting becomes a problem. 
What Parents Need to Know about Teens: Facts, Myths and Strategies​
As a parent, you want practical, accurate and user friendly information to help raise your teen. You want to know what’s considered normal adolescent behaviour, how to determine whether your child is on a good path, how to encourage your teen’s healthy development, and how to get help when problems arise. ​​ 

Youth & Drugs and Mental Health: A Resource for Professionals​
This extensive and important resource on youth and concurrent mental health and substance use disorders is a well-researched and practical tool for all professionals working with youth. 
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