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About the Centre

About the Centre

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About the Centre
Worldwide, more than 350 million people suffer from depression. For 70 per cent, the illness began in childhood. Depression is a serious illness that can lead to suicide--the second leading killer of young people in Canada. Many of the available prevention and treatment options for depression, however, were not developed for young people, and while they work for some individuals, for many others, they do not.

The Cundill Centre for Child and Youth Depression, launched thanks to a $15-million philanthropic gift from The Peter Cundill Foundation, addresses this shortcoming through applied research and by bringing together leading global experts to collaborate to identify, develop and evaluate early intervention, prevention and treatment strategies, determining the most effective protocols for children and youth with depression. Knowledge gained from these initiatives will be shared internationally to ensure global access to best practices information. 

Under the leadership of inaugural Director Dr. Peter Szatmari​, the Cundill Centre’s initiatives rest on three pillars: Discover and Solve, Share, and Lead.

Discover and Solve. Applied clinical research will provide the evidence needed to create novel, culturally appropriate screening tools, early interventions and treatments that will help children and youth with depression now and in the future. 

Share. Knowledge gained from the work of the Cundill Centre will be disseminated globally. Knowledge translation and education specialists will adapt clinical research findings into materials that can be accessed by health and education practitioners, policy makers and health systems leaders around the world. This will be achieved through the development of outcomes reports, webinars and web-based modules, as well as through International Cundill Conferences. 

Lead. Through its expertise in research, care and education, the Cundill Centre will lead the global effort to achieve better care for children and youth with depression. The centre will be the first of its kind to bring together child and youth depression experts from around the world, train young investigators in depression research, address gaps in care provision and openly and effectively share knowledge. An International Advisory Board and a network of Cundill Scholars will identify and promote treatment protocols worldwide through a network of collaborative activities and associations.


The Cundill Centre for Child and Youth Depression was launched in September 2015, thanks to a $15-million philanthropic gift from The Peter Cundill Foundation. This international Centre mobilizes a global network of scientists, clinicians and experts, that, in collaboration with youth and families with lived experience, focuses on developing best practices for the screening, prevention and treatment of child and youth depression, revolutionizing research, care and knowledge exchange.


 International Advisory Board


​The Peter Cundill Foundation

Established in 2012, The Peter Cundill Foundation honours the legacy of renowned Canadian investment fund manager and philanthropist, F. Peter Cundill, FCA, CFA, 1938-2011.

The Foundation supports projects in the arts and humanities; education; sports and recreation and disaster relief, with an emphasis on promoting the health, education and wellbeing of young people.

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