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Health Information Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Information in Languages other than English

The Multilingual Resources section has been created to provide multi-language information on mental health and addiction to people for whom English is not a first language and professionals who work with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse background.

Click on the language you need to download the PDF file.

BrowseAloud logoBrowseAloud: By clicking on the BrowseAloud logo at the top of any page, the user will launch this accessibility tool that adds speech, reading and translation support to the website. This allows any page or resource on the website to be translated to languages other than English.

Index by document

  • About mental health (factsheet): What is mental health; What contributes to mental health problems; Types of mental health problems; Where to get help.
    Available as web page: English, French (coming soon)
    Available as PDFs:
English​​ French​​ Amharic​​ Chinese​​
Farsi​​ Greek​​ Hindi​​ Italian​​
Polish​​ Portuguese​​
Punjabi​​​ Serbia​​
Somali​​ Spanish​​ Tagalog​​ Tamil​​

  • Asking for help when things are not right (factsheet): What is part of the normal reaction to living in a new country; When it is a good idea to ask for help and where.
    Available as web page: English, French (coming soon)
    Available as PDFs:
English​ French​​ Amharic Chinese​
Farsi​ Greek​ Hindi Italian​
Polish​ Portuguese Punjabi Serbian
Somali​​​ Spanish Tagalog​ Tamil​

  • Understanding Addiction (factsheet): What is addiction; What are the signs and symptoms of an addiction; How are family members affected; Will treatment help; When is it necessary to get help; Where to get help. Available as web page: English, French (coming soon)
    Available as PDFs:
English French​ Amharic Chinese​​
Farsi Greek Hindi Italian
Polish​ Portuguese Punjabi Serbian
Somali Spanish Tagalog​ Tamil

  • Alcohol: The Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines (LRDG) were culturally adapted and translated, with recommendations from the communities to guide the design and messages. The resulting community education materials are available in a downloadable PDF format:
    Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian
    Tamil Serbian poster English poster

  • Problem Gambling: A network of trained professionals is available to provide culturally competent problem gambling support and treatment services in many languages to individuals and family members.
English French Arabic Chinese
Farsi Italian Korean Pashto
Portuguese Punjabi Russian Spanish
Somali Tagalog Tamil Vietnamese

  • Coping with Stress (factsheet): Tips on dealing with stress; Where to get help
    Available as web page: English, French (coming soon)
    Available as PDFs:
English French Amharic Chinese
Farsi Greek Hindi Italian
Polish Portuguese Punjabi​​​​ Serbian
Somali Spanish Tagalog Tamil

  • Alone in Canada (booklet)
    Alone in Canada: 21 Ways to Make it Better is a self-help guide for single newcomers developed by a team at CAMH. The guide is designed to help single new immigrants and refugees adjust to living in a new society as quickly and easily as possible.
Amharic Arabic Bengali Chinese
Dari English Farsi French
Hindi Korean Portuguese (Brazilian) Punjabi
Russian Serbian Somali Spanish
Tagalog Tamil Twi Urdu

​​​​​See also:

Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre - provides access to resources to support culturally safe and competent mental health care for Canada's diverse population.

CAMH Senior Medical Advisor Dr. David Goldbloom speaking about mental illness and how It Gets Brighter (Chinese).
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