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Health Promotion Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Health Promotion

Health promotion and prevention are a key part of our commitment at CAMH to transforming lives.

We work from a comprehensive view of overall health and well-being that goes beyond the specialized clinical treatment we provide, and we work to promote health and prevent illness and addictions in our client population and beyond.

Through this commitment, CAMH takes action to support and promote the health of our clients and their families, the people who work here, and communities and individuals throughout Ontario. We work to integrate health promotion and prevention into policy, programming and resources, using an approach that prioritizes evidence-based practice and is informed wherever possible by CAMH clinical and research expertise.

Promoting health as part of our commitment to excellence in clinical care. CAMH recognizes that excellent clinical care means a comprehensive approach that incorporates health promotion and prevention into the care our clients receive. Recreational programming, smoking cessation resources, and supports for education and employment are all part of an approach to care that recognizes the value of health promotion both to clinical outcomes and to overall well-being. Families and their perspectives and participation are also a key piece of our commitment to promotion and prevention in the care we provide.
Supporting the inclusion of health promotion and prevention in system transformation in Ontario. CAMH works to translate its clinical and research expertise into promotion and prevention programming and other resources that have applications in communities and settings across the province and beyond. Programs like Safer Bars and Strengthening Families for the Future have broad uptake and have indicated positive outcomes through evaluation. CAMH also supports the inclusion of health promotion and prevention in the transformation of Ontario’s mental health and addictions system, partnering with others to promote the implementation and dissemination of evidence-based practice and making the case for the system-level impact of health promotion and prevention.
Promoting the health of our staff, students and volunteers. CAMH has an ongoing commitment to implement and improve upon policy and practice that makes us a health promoting workplace. From policies that provide options for work-life balance to wellness programming offered onsite, we work to create an environment that respects employee health and provides opportunities for those who work here to care for their own well-being.​

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