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Research Chairs at CAMH

Canada Research Chairs
Dr. John Cunningham: Addictions
Dr. Christian Hendershot: Etiology and Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders 
Dr. Jeffrey Meyer: Neurochemistry of Major Depressive Disorder
Dr. Tarek Rajji: Neurostimulation for Cognitive Disorders
Dr. Rachel Tyndale​: Pharmacogenomics
Dr. Neil Vasdev​Radiochemistry and Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Aristotle Voineskos: Neuroimaging of Schizophrenia

University of Toronto/Endowed Chairs
Dr. Jeff Daskalakis​: Temerty Chair in Therapeutic Brain Intervention
Dr. Kristin Cleverley​: CAMH Chair in Mental Health Nursing Research
Dr. Benedikt Fischer​: Chair in Addiction Psychiatry
Dr. Robert Levitan: Cameron Wilson Chair in Depression Research
Dr. Arturas Petronis: Tapscott Chair in Schizophrenia Studies
Dr. Jürgen Rehm: Chair in Addiction Policy
Dr. Etienne Sibille​: Campbell Family Chair in Clinical Neuroscience
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