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Genetics and Epigenetics

​CAMH's Neuroscience Research Department is home to several genetics labs and epigenetics labs that have made ground-breaking discoveries. Through cross-appointments and collaborations, scientists also conduct work in imaging-genetics with the Research Imaging Centre and in clinical studies with the Clinical Research Department. 

  • The Developmental Neuroscience Lab uses various forms of genetic and pharmacological tools to examine the interplay between development and environment in determining behavioral phenotypes.
  • The Krembil Family Epigenetics Laboratory develops new methods to search the human genome for DNA sequences with modifications influencing the manifestation of mental illnesses. 
  • The Molecular Neuropsychiatry and Development Lab uses genetic and molecular biology approaches to identify and characterize genes for developmental disorders. 
  • The Neurobiology of Schizophrenia Lab​ is interested in disease mechanisms underlying illness, using preclinical models to investigate gene x environment interactions, epigenetics, transcription and neurodevelopment. 
  • The Neurogenetics Lab focuses on identifying genetic factors involved in the development of mental illnesses and addictions. This lab has one of the largest collections of DNA, with over 23,000 samples.
  • In CAMH's Pharmacogenetics Program, researchers study the use of patients' genetic make-up to predict their response to psychiatric medications, with the goal of personalizing medication treatment.
  • The Statistical Genetics group aims to elucidate the genetic architecture of mental health disorders and develop new methods.


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