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Summer 2013

CAMH Discovers - News from CAMH Research and the Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute

CAMH scientists discover genetic c
hanges that may contribute to the onset of schizophrenia​ 

Scientists from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) have discovered rare genetic changes that may be responsible for the onset of schizophrenia.

This discovery gives new support to the notion that multiple rare genetic changes may contribute to schizophrenia and other brain disorders. Read more.

Dr. Amir Levine yoga hands Campbell Family Symposium

CAMH welcomes Dr. Amir Levine

Dr. Amir Levine studies gene regulation, with a special interest in the developing brain. Read more.

Q&A: complementary & alternative medicine

Dr. Arun Ravindran and Tricia da Silva review natural practices and mental illness. Visit the CAMHblog site.

Campbell Family Mental Health Symposium

Join CAMH on Nov. 19 for the Campbell Family Mental Health Research Symposium. Visit event page.

Dr. Yona Lunsky Mobile research lab Dr. Brendan Andrade

Knowledge to Action: Dr. Yona Lunsky

CAMH researcher aims to bring evidence-based findings into clinical practice. Read more.

Mobile lab gets moving on First Nations health

Researchers visit First Nations communities, focusing on issues of special relevance. Read more.

Tackling disruptive behaviour in kids

Dr. Brendan Andrade studies strategies for managing disruptive behaviour in children. Read more.

Imaging anandamide

Anandamide is a brain chemical that affects many aspects of our daily functioning, including mood, appetite, pain, and sleep - and potentially more serious illnesses.

Now, CAMH Scientists Dr. Isabelle Boileau, Dr. Junchao Tong, Dr. Stephen Kish and collaborators are beginning a series of studies that will shed more light on the function of anandamide in the human brain. 

Read more.

Drs. Junchao Tong, Alan Wilson and Isabelle Boileau

Investigati​ng happiness in schizophrenia

Dr. Ofer Agid challenges the assumption that people with schizophrenia are not happy. Read more.


Clozapine side effect may have genetic link

Study may explain why low white-blood cell counts may occur with schizophrenia drug. Read more.


BLOG: Reducing intoxication in bars

Why are bartenders still serving alcohol to intoxicated customers? Visit the CAMHblog

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