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Motivational interviewing (MI): Promoting treatment integrity and assessing competence (Level 1: Part 3)


This online course focuses on implementing the four-process model of motivational interviewing (MI) based on the treatment integrity levels developed by William Miller and Stephen Rollnick.  This course offers 13 hours of learning.

The course is designed to:

  1. Illustrate how motivational interviewing treatment integrity practices may be implenented across a range of health-related issues and practice settings
  2. Assess practitioner's adherence and competence in three elements reflecting the engaging, focusing and evoking processes of motivational interviewing
    • Ability to use person-centered non-authoritarian counselling and specifically the therapeutic skill of accurate empathy
    • Ability to establish (in collaboration with the client) one or more change goals toward with the intervention is directed
    • Ability to differentiallyevoke and strengthen clients own motivational statements (change talk and commitment to change)


This course is appropriate for health care providers with direct clinet care responsibilities, who provide conversation/consultation about behavioral changes across a range of health-related issues.



The course involves:

  • workshops/seminars
  • A motivational interviewing (MI) Drop-in Clinic:
    • A blended learning environment that offers unique, immersive, simulation-based training.  Learners will practice their MI skills and strategies on 'patient-actors in treatment', while receiving coaching and performances feedback in real time from experienced MI coaches
  • Post-course competence assessment, impact-on-practice and follow-up review sessions


Participants must have:
  • prior experience in counselling and clinical communication skills (the program will not teach basic counselling and therapy skills)
  • completed introductory-level training in the following areas:
    • the method and spirit of motivational interviewing (MI)
    • five core interviewing skills (open questions, affirmation, reflections, summary and provide advice and information) 
    • the four processes in MI (engaging, focusing, evoking and planning).


Prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR):

  • Applicants must provide evidence of meeting the criteria through PLAR options
  • To discuss PLAR options, please contact


The course is led by CAMH staff members from diverse disciplines in health care, and who are members of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), an international collective of trainers of MI.



  • Computer headset with microphone


Information will be provided


For more information on the course please complete the pre-registration form:

Motivational Interviewing Pre-registrationf form


Information on continuing education credits will be provided,.


This course is held under the auspices of the:

  • Office of Continuing Education and Professioal Development, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto, Ontario


  • Sandra Bennett ( or
  • Tel: 416-535-8501 Ext. 36732


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