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Integrating a Concurrent Disorders Approach into Withdrawal Management Online Course

This course is held under the auspices of the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Ontario.

Description/Learning objectives

This eight-week course provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to anticipate and respond effectively to clients with substance use problems who may also be experiencing mental illness.  


After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • integrate clients with substance use and mental health problems into withdrawal management services
  • assess clients for substance use and for physical and mental health problems
  • recommend admission or referral of clients for immediate medical, psychiatric or other therapeutic help
  • monitor clients' progress
  • deal with crises that can affect the safety and well-being of clients and staff
  • identify clients' readiness for change, and treatment planning and community support needs
  • recognize the effects and withdrawal symptoms of various drugs
  • recognize interactions between psychiatric medications and other psychoactive drugs
  • discuss ethical and legal issues that may arise in a withdrawal management setting.

​Target Audience

The course is intended for a broad spectrum of withdrawal management workers, including nurses, social workers, front-line staff and volunteers.

Delivery Method



$375 Registration Fee

$187.50 CAMH Staff Fee



Each module is facilitated by rotating faculty from various Withdrawal Management Services in Ontario.

Requirements / Prerequisites

​This course can be taken alone; however, it qualifies as an elective for the Concurrent Disorders Certificate Program.

Electives must be taken within a four-year period after completing the core course; any courses taken prior to the core program will not count toward the certificate. Participants will need to either re-take those courses or select electives that they have not previously taken.
The Concurrent Disorders Core Course must be taken first and then you will need to complete only 2 electives (listed below):

Affliation / Partnerships

 Univeristy of Toronto

Course Start Date


Refunds for advance (prior to start date) cancellation will be subject to an administrative fee of $100.00.

Withdrawals from a course are accepted within one week from the course's start date and is subject to an administrative fee of $100.00
Cancellation notice must be communicated in writing by email. 


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